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What are skulls?

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A skull is a bony structure in the head of many creatures that supports the structures of the face and protects the brain from injury. It is composed of two parts, the cranium and the mandible. These are featured in many Halo games, including Halo Wars. I will describe the two different types of skulls; the ones in Halo 2, and the ones in Halo 3.

Skulls featured in Halo 2 are more like Easter Eggs than actual features -- although they did affect gameplay dynamically, they are hidden and not entirely well-known to every player, and not essential to a campaign's gameplay experience. Once a skull is found in Halo 2, it can be wielded as a melee weapon, but does the same amount of damage a normal melee with a standard weapon would do (excluding the fatality of a Sword lunge). There are two skulls in every level other than the level "Halo." Skulls in Halo 3 are hidden as they are in Halo 2, but are separated into two different types (silver and gold) and are incorporated into gameplay as score modifiers. Gold skulls represent skulls that amplify and modify scores in campaign levels, and silver skulls represent those that change the game in humorous ways, except for the Blind Skull which changes the dynamics of the player's HUD. Both silver and gold skulls augment the player's score throughout the campaign. Once a skull is found, it can be wielded as a melee weapon just as it could in Halo 2.

How do I create a skull?

Think of a name, write a description on what it does, and say where and what level in the campaign you'd place it on (this part is not required).

Fatality (Silver Skull)
The force is strong with this one...

Melee damage is increased by 25%. A melee strike at an enemy sends them flying. Exactly like this. This affacts everyone.

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