hello Ive been hear for a while now and i havent played much with the comunity hear so i decied to start playing with them more. And what way better then to fight them on halo reach with 4 of my buddys it will be 6 vs 6 on a few maps of your guys choices there . There will be 3 matchs of normal reach slayer/cap the flag no TU updates. There will also be no armor lock and over sheld/active camo power ups .The battle will take place this the 20st of this month friday at 6 o clock pm est.

The team rosters will be uploaded hear on a later date due to time . But i shall put the curent teams now .If you whould like to take part in this battle or take part in later ones message me on halo nation/steam or xbox live or you can just add your names hear see you on reach halo fans.

side notes:( ill make some more matchs on later dates)

Prizes The wining team of this match will do a 6 player freefor all on the next day same time the winner of this free for all will get 800-1200 mc point card (mabe still working out if i should give it out)

on the 20th message me around 5:45-6;00 est im live and ill invite you to the game

current teams

team 1

1. SheerAvenger777 (my xbox gt)




5.Not Wonderful

6.The Lost Doctor

team 2




4.Dmatman 864

5.The Guam Guy

6.Teridax 1oK (jman)