UNSC P Williams

aka The Legend of Old

  • I live in Ruins of Reach
  • My occupation is O.D.S.T of the 105th.
  • I am Male
  • UNSC P Williams

    Hello halo fans very few may know me i am SheerAvenger777 a chat mod on this site ive been here for a year now and ive seen the community rarly play halo together so i think ever 2 weeks or so the community should get together on a halo game and play some coustem games or matchmakeing or firefight (depending on the number of ppl joining) tell me what you guys think of this idea

    1st play date

    saturday august 4th 2012 2:30 est don't be late Needs to be plained some more.

    to join message the users


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  • UNSC P Williams

    hello Ive been hear for a while now and i havent played much with the comunity hear so i decied to start playing with them more. And what way better then to fight them on halo reach with 4 of my buddys it will be 6 vs 6 on a few maps of your guys choices there . There will be 3 matchs of normal reach slayer/cap the flag no TU updates. There will also be no armor lock and over sheld/active camo power ups .The battle will take place this the 20st of this month friday at 6 o clock pm est.

    The team rosters will be uploaded hear on a later date due to time . But i shall put the curent teams now .If you whould like to take part in this battle or take part in later ones message me on halo nation/steam or xbox live or you can just add your names he…

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