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    Here is an article that i tought might interest you people on this wiki. It's from the swedish game magasine LEVEL. It's about look 343's look on Cortana and how the author of the article (won't give out the name) think they are hypocrits. The author is male.

    And before you start flamming me, i just translated the article and put it up here, my opinion is both for and against.

    This article do contain spoilers for Halo 4.

    Everything under here is from the article.

    The Halo-evolution continues backwards. Worst is it for Cortana.

    It's the hypocricy that makes me pisses off. 'As developers we have a personal responsability to reflect over how are games are perceived. With Halo 4 we thought much about who would be women and who would be man, and if …

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