Everyone knows the Man Cannon. It's blue, it's shiny, and it can send just about anything flying across the map. But until recently, Man Cannon traveling has been restricted to single occupants. Now, Traxus industries has announced plans to put out a new model of Forerunner-Launcher, the Family Cannon.

The Family Cannon is a double-wide Man Cannon designed to let large groups of people ride Man Cannons together. The Family Cannon is aimed at (as its' name would imply, families). It is also designed for use with Elite clans.

"The Family Cannon's design is actually very complex" Says Traxus spokeselite Sanshyumee Cansukitee. "Our top scientists have taken years of work perfecting the design. It requires three Man Cannon terminals linked side to side using an advanced sticky coupling paste." Sanshyumee also mentioned that in an anti-sexism effort, Traxus was also releasing a Woman Cannon model, which has differences yet to be revealed.

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