A few months ago, the halopedian 'Lockout Weekly', a semi-frequent and very popular parody-newsletter with headlines like 'Zanzibar Closed Converted to Tourist Attraction to Pay for Flaming Helmets' and 'Moderators Put Down Blue Team Rioters with Flares and Firebombs', left the community and went on into the big, cruel world of the internet. A blog page was created, but it wasn't advertised well and I, with school and all, I slacked out as ThunderCavalier faithfully churned out story after story. A good concept, but it wasn't followed through with and the fact is that we were writing stories for, well, no one!

So, as I bow my head in shame, I shut down for ever more, and creep, embarassed, back to the shelter of Halopedia. I left into the world, but Lockout Weekly wasn't ready for it. From now on, you may enjoy the occasional halo-humor article right here on the site, as well as my return to the blogs, editing, and clashing with CT for no apparent reason (sorry).

It's good to be back, hello again.