Oh, hi! I didn't see you there. It's been a while, what's new, did you miss me? However did you get your weekly lolz while I was gone? Ah well, I'm sure you found other ways to entertain yourself. Well, you need not amuse yourself further, for I have returned once more from an extended leave of absence to give you the exciting news: I'm 1!

Yes, it's true, my fellow Halopedians, The Lockout Weekly has turned 1! The official date was 374 days ago on July 12, 2008, when it published it's first story about a poor gamer trapped in a Team Slayer match. Now, Thirty-something articles, many extended leaves, a trip to the not-so-wonderful land of blogs, and many lolz later, The Lockout Weekly lives to celebrate it's first birthday. We've had many stories that made you laugh the past year, but here at The Lockout Weekly, we know that nothing is as funny as a Halo 3 Screenshot. So, to celebrate the occasion, we have a riotously strange collection of images straight from your file share to us. After all, an image gives a thousand lolz.

Hyperlink for lolz!