You have probably already heard of the disease that has been spreading throughout the ranks Xbox LIVE in the past few months, but the truth is, you haven't heard it all. This is your very own The Lockout Weekly, giving you the shocking truth about Grunt Flu.

Grunt Flu, a disease that wipes out half the Grunt population every year, has been given little notice, until now. It has begun a shocking mutation that allows it to infect Elites and Spartans. The disease first spread to 3agleM0n5t3r1337 on the first Tuesday of January. Since then he passed it on to eight of his friends unintentionally, and it spread rapidly from there.

Grunt Flu, which is deadly to every Grunt it infects, is very active on Spartans and Elites, spreading through friend requests, even if it has no symptoms. This means that Grunt Flu is a Xbox-wide emergency. Bungie officials have been trying to ban users infected with it to prevent the disease, but Microsoft has gone one step further, shutting down Campaign completely. This has caused a major loss of work among the laid-off Brutes, Jackals, Drones, and Hunters, just adding to the current Forge-dollar crisis. This is all we know now, but when there's more, you'll here it, from your very own The Lockout Weekly.