Hey everybody, i just have to say November six is a big day for everydody in america, No not Mitten and Brock fighing over the economy, I mean HALO 4! Who doesent want that day to happen, the covenant, because as soon as i get halo 4, I'm killiing them all over again. OHHH YEAHH ¬■_■. Not only is Halo 4 coming out and the president of the united states of hamburgers is being announced, i am going to hawii to play halo 4 with my older brother who is an actual marine, (he was deployed in Afgan once, one of his buddies was killed by a land mine );) A moment of silence for the dead......... but seriously whats goin on in your lives, i mean c'mon, were not all nerds behind PCs, we have souls, GINGERS HAVE SOULS!! So tell me any plans other than HALOING, and if not tell me your story about how you will spend your day killing Defence r
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voting for him?

obots on a distant planet in a universe set in the year 2000 watever. And no I'm not a creeper interested in getting in your pants, well maybe i am.... (;.
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What about him?


I bet your voting for him though!