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Do you think there will be a boss battle in Halo 4?

Do you remeber in halo 2 when you fought tartarus, that feeling you get when your team finally down that albino ape-saurus, i felt felt it. YESSS!! i beat halo 2 on legendary!!! i was like only like nine so it was huge to me, when halo 3 came out i expected a bunch of bosses but alas, only spark and a few scarabs, but that was fun too. i don't know if you felt it, but in every game i play, every boss i beat is another pat on the back, especially when playing halo. So i hope halo 4 has bosses like halo 2 & 3, maybe like that big scary ball in the E3 trailer, i could imagine dogding forrunner lasers, and eventually blowing him up! KaBOOMM! Halo is bada$$ and bosses are too, what do you guys think. bosses in halo 4 or no bosses, let me know!
Images big scary ball

Cortana: I got a bad feeling about this! Chief: Cortana, you always have a bad feeling about something....

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