Hello, it's The new reclaimer again, with my proposal for the overhaul of the wiki linked to our site, Halo Answers.

This wiki, as far as I know, was made with one purpose- to answer the questions anyone had on the halo universe. Unfortunatley, this wiki has gone way downhill.

I usually do not visit this site. But, almost everyday when I am looking at an article, there is a section with 'recent questions' on the side. These questions will sometimes be actuall questions, but way to often I will see those questions that make me ask 'why was that wiki even added?'. But I have a plan to fix that, and that plan is an overhaul.

here are my ideas-

First- Administratiors for the wiki that monitor what questions people ask so that there aren't any unrelated questions. They should have set times to check the wiki so that they just dont stare at it all day, and the times should be kept secret so that people do not spam during the off times.

Second- Answerers need an account to answer. People also post stupid answers too, so, most of the time, if they have to make an account for it, they won't. And if it's possible, have a basic questionaire on halo so they don't go in knowing nothing. My other idea is to just have admin-like answerers, so that we know that they know what they are doing.

Third- change the drop-downs at the top. I think we should get rid of community because on that wiki there is no community! Also, we need to add an faq with questions that are essential to the halo universe (ex what is the unsc?)

That is all my ideas on fixing up that wiki. It's fallen to the trolls, but I think with some work, we can create an efficient halo answers. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.