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Proposal for deletion of Halo answers

Hello, the new reclaimer here, with another post about a site linked to ours, halo answers. If you did not read my original blog, then here-

Anyway, since my last blog was not as sucessful as I'd hoped, I'm about to supply you with all my evidence and reasons for why I wanted to do that. Just go check out the site. Look at the recent questions, and even look under the 'how to' section. This is gotten way out of hand. I thought that we could save the site, but since few wanted to act, I fear that the wiki is doomed. Half of the more than 13,000 pages on that wiki are troll questions. Take a look-

So now I reccomended that we completely delete all of the questions on that wiki and get rid of it entirely. I know, this is a radical step, but I am tired of looking at a page than seeing "who wants to form a troll alliance" in the recent questions! As you can clearly see, this or an overhaul of the wiki and starting fresh is needed.

So, in the comments below, I want to know the 3 following things-

1. why did this wiki get linked to us, and why was it created?

2. who is in charge of the wiki?

3. Do you think we should delete, or overhaul?

-The new reclaimer

P.S.- sorry if the format was a little weird I had too many Ideas in my head at once

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