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  • The new reclaimer

    Hello, the new reclaimer here, with another post about a site linked to ours, halo answers. If you did not read my original blog, then here-

    Anyway, since my last blog was not as sucessful as I'd hoped, I'm about to supply you with all my evidence and reasons for why I wanted to do that. Just go check out the site. Look at the recent questions, and even look under the 'how to' section. This is gotten way out of hand. I thought that we could save the site, but since few wanted to act, I fear that the wiki is doomed. Half of the more than 13,000 pages on that wiki are troll questions. Take a look-

    So now …

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  • The new reclaimer

    Hello, it's The new reclaimer again, with my proposal for the overhaul of the wiki linked to our site, Halo Answers.

    This wiki, as far as I know, was made with one purpose- to answer the questions anyone had on the halo universe. Unfortunatley, this wiki has gone way downhill.

    I usually do not visit this site. But, almost everyday when I am looking at an article, there is a section with 'recent questions' on the side. These questions will sometimes be actuall questions, but way to often I will see those questions that make me ask 'why was that wiki even added?'. But I have a plan to fix that, and that plan is an overhaul.

    here are my ideas-

    First- Administratiors for the wiki that monitor what questions people ask so that there aren't any unrela…

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  • The new reclaimer

    Hello, the new reclaimer here, with a quick heads up on an issue that has been bothering me for quite some time.

    That issue is the adding of UNCONFIRMED INFORMATION on the wiki, especialy on very current pages, such as Halo 4

    This page most often has unconfirmed info. I will often see the adding of unconfirmed vehicles and charachers, like the Hornet and Thel 'Vadam. These two things are UNCONFIRMED!!!!

    What bugs me even more is people using youtubes as their sources for upcoming information. these sources are not really official, unless halo waypoint. Plus, usualy these people leave citations in the description, so use just those!

    So, the next time you want to add something to a page, but aren't sure if it's confirmed, just hold off until you ca…

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