• The Arbiter 900

    I'm just a new user to this wiki. But I'm a Field Marshall in Reach because I love Halo. Anyway, everyone has been trying to fathom who the enemy in Halo 4 is. Well, I think it is the Forerunner Didact. There's a few reasons to why it's him:

    1. Didact (along with Confirmer) were Prometheans. They're like Forerunner soldiers. The first enemy you encounter in the game is Prometheans.

    2. On Halo Waypoint, at the end of the Halo 4 Campaign demo, a sign can be seen behind the words, "An Ancient Evil Returns." The sign is a circle, with a hexagon in the middle, with a rectangle in one of the corners and a line running through the hexagon. Didcat's sign is the exact same.

    3. Forerunner weapons were included in the first level of Halo 4, Scattershot …

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