OMG!! Teh Halo Reach trailer iz awesum!! Thank you Bungee!!

Yes, this was the response of the hundreds of anonymous YouTubers who watched the Halo: Reach Video Games Awards Trailer, and I have to say, I thoroughly agree with them!

Halo: Reach looks set to be great, really great. The graphics look immeasurably better than any previous Halo game, with the possible exception of Halo Wars. We get introduced to new aircraft, old enemies, a new team of SPARTANS, one of whom could be a SPARTAN-III, a new campaign, hopefully new weapons, and most importantly, THE BR IS BACK!!

The trailer begins with a SPARTAN Lieutenant sitting in a Warthog driving towards a military outpost on Reach. The rest of Noble Team is already waiting for him (or her, who knows?!). They consist of a sniper of Hispanic descent, a bloke who looks like Ghost out of MW2, Kat-320, a blue-armoured SPARTAN with a cybernetic arm (mmm, that blue gear's not going to be conspicuous at all on forested, Earth-like Reach), Jorge-052, who remarks that he "didn't think anybody survived Pegasi", and their leader, Commander Carter-259. Once the Lieutenant arrives, they suit up and move out to the aircraft. Carter remarks to the Lieutenant that he's glad to have him but "can leave that lone-wolf stuff behind." They fly off into the distance, while massive plasma explosions rock the earth. Then we see a Sangheili brandishing his Energy Sword in a dark room.

So, what do we learn from all of this? Well, the BR is back, the Sangheili are back, we get new aircraft, and new characters. George mentioning Pegasi in relation to the Lieutenant has already sparked a massive set of edit wars over whether the Lieutenant is a SPARTAN-III and a survivor of Operation: TORPEDO. He obviously was involved in the operation to some extent, otherwise there would be no reson for George to say anything. This does NOT mean, however, that he is a SPARTAN-III. Until we learn otherwise, he remains a SPARTAN-II.

So, what else have we got? Skullface has got himself a lethal-looking Combat Knife that we will hopefully be able to use in campaign. He also wears on his belt what appear to be 40mm grenades, the same type of round used in the M203. Does this mean we get rifle-mounted grenade launchers in-game? Please let that be the case, Bungie, please! We know that the UNSC has got them, so why shouldn't they be used in the defence of Reach? We've also got new armour designs being used in combat - could this mean more Armor Permutations in multiplayer?

To conclude, if this trailer is anything to go by, Reach is going to be incredible, even if the things I've speculated on in this article don't come true. It looks set to be a very Happy New Year indeed, folks.

Your opinions and input, please.