I've recently been trying to step up my activity on my wiki in line with my long term goal of refining its quality. Through my observations, I have found that there are a lot of articles lying around that are in my opinion an absolute waste of time. For now, I'm specifically talking about articles about glitches.

I'm sure that most of you agree that no-one cares about some minor glitch some random user found. Then again, we cannot deny the glitch's existence, and we need somewhere to put this information. I find a glitch an article to be very clumsy, because the glitch simply isn't important enough, and as such, only gets a few lines.

So I propose a mass merging of glitches, perhaps into a few pages listing glitches and describing them briefly. One page per type of glitch. Or even one page for all of them. That would make the article count less deceptive.

I'm looking forward to some feedback.