A few recent incidents have led me to write this article. As people have noted, I don't write blog posts all that often. I have written just one real blog so far - one about a subject quickly resolved by the introduction of the Wikia welcome tool.

The problem I am presenting here is of course that age-old wiki problem - that of the vandal scourges. I've seen a few bits and pieces of how Halopedia goes about its anti-vandal work, and although it is mostly efficient, there are times when the admins will miss something or they are simply not there to get rid of the vandals.

To this end, I propose the creation of a new project page, "Halopedia:Vandal Watch" or something under a similar name as a centralised effort to report vandals, their pages, their blogs and their edits. Users will report vandals there as soon as they are seen. Of course, admins have their blacklists and implore users to post vandals on their user talk pages, but that simply isn't enough. There needs to be a more centralised effort in the matter, and a project page that is on the watchlists of all the admins is the answer.

This way, vandal watch and blocking vandals will be made much easier, because it is far less likely that they will be missed.