Reach Orbit

From the beginning you know the end. Words that speak the truth, the Spartan Helmet covered in dirt and cracked at the very beginning of the game, the Helmet belonging to legendary Noble Six.

Halo: Reach, released last year on September 14th was a big wait for most Halo fans, learning of a new character really excited me, though the Chief will always be awesome in my eyes, it can get too repetitive and I would rather have taken a break, which I did and now, with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary I'm glad I got the chance because if I didn't, the sight of another Masterchief would've threw me off the Halo series. I just had to review this game so, without further adieu, I show you, my own review of Halo: Reach.

The Campaign


I found the campaign to be fairly interesting, taking a slightly darker toll than the previous installments to the Halo series. Playing as the Spartan-III Commando, SPARTAN-B312 or, as he's referred to in-game, "Noble Six", you get to witness and fight in the Fall of Reach alongside of your loyal team of Nobles 1 to 5. Beginning your journey by locating an isolated distress beacon laid out by Reach, you'll be soon to discover that the Covenant have begun to invade the small planet. It's soon up to you, to fight your way through many soldiers and even develop new strategies along the way, such as Assassinations and use of some newer weapons. Which is ironic considering this game is meant to be set before the events uncovered in Halo 1.

Your team is soon dispatched to Sword Base (personally a favorite Multiplayer map of mine) where you'll blow your way through the waves of enemies coming towards you. Once done, your crew is soon separated. With the Noble Team dispatched on missions, you'll embark on many journeys, such as playing through an attempt to bring down the shields protecting the Spire from harm in which a carrier laid the Spire to waste, but their gain was also their lost. A covenant carrier joined the fight and put them down to rest.

Halo- Reach - Noble Team Battle

But all is not over, this fight takes itself out of the planet, fighting through an epic battle against Banshees, Phantoms and more Covenant vehicles. The battle soon ends with you boarding a carrier and taking down your enemies. But all doesn't go to plan, Jorge, Noble 5, detonates the carrier and throws Six from the carrier, only requesting to save his planet. Soon,Recalling Noble Team to Sword Base, Halsey shows them an ancient Forerunner artifact that she believes is key to winning the war. Noble Six, Carter, and Emile are entrusted with taking the artificial intelligence, Cortana, and the information she carries, to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, while Jun is assigned to evacuate Halsey in a Pelican dropship. Charges are detonated in the artifact, ultimately destroying it and any evidence of its information.

But in the end, Noble is given a chance to leave, but he declines this offer and chooses to stay, in the end, it's all for nought, Reach has falling and Six is left to fight, soon though, his life is taken by the Covenant. Time passed and his helmet began to rust, laying in the ground for years. In the end, you'll hear Cortana will speak about the newly discovered Installation 4.

Campaign Rating and Comments

Overall, the game was a strong aspect and touched the hearts of many Halo fans, if you think that The Chief's not in it, no, not playing. Don't. It's a great game and certainly worth the money to play this entrancing and thrilling campaign. Though it was lacking in some ends, such as the characters, you don't find out much about them, only what you really see in the game. Jorge, the only character who had much potential, was killed off and the others were just useless. They spoiled the ending right from the beginning, I was not at all surprised, though the ending was touching, I have to give it credit, just trying to survive for as long as I can was a real treat. But, I do give it credit, level designs were well done, the soundtrack suited those moments and it was good to be someone other than John-177. 9.5/10 on my end.

The Matchmaking

Overlook Generator Defense

Welcome to matchmaking, fun for people who want a little bit of competition, or people who want to shout and scream at the T.V for hours. Either way, you've come to the right place. I do not like the idea of how they utilized maps from the Campaign into this, but one map from this game's campaign has become a personal favorite so I cannot judge on that, well, I can.. I'm reviewing it. Versing your opponents, you'll notice you're getting Credits, well, if you save up enough and Rank up, you'll be able to get expensive new armor from the Armory, offering you a large variety of pieces to make your Spartan/Elite look like a fierce warrior.

The game modes are more unique than in the other games, such as the game type, Grifball and more. Shooting down your enemies with the DMR in Team SWAT is great fun for you and the maps are great including the new maps inside of Forge World. Taking you inside many maps such as; Pinnacle and more. Though there are some cons to the new Multiplayer, some being these abilities that they have included in the game. Let's list them down.

  • The Sprint - A great ability if you're running short distance and great if you're in campaign, but the problem is, the ability can time out too soon which may, or may not get you killed.
  • The Hologram - It's too underpowered, hardly anybody would use it because of this fact.
  • The Armor-Lock - Overpowered, opponent goes armor lock when you try to ram into him, doesn't damage the vehicle. No, the vehicle explodes.

That's pretty much it with the abilities, the Weapons could've been abit more powered-up and the Maps could've been different.

Matchmaking Rating----

Overall, the Multiplayer, though good was lacking in some minor areas. Not enough to make it lose a single point which is good with the rating I'm about to give it. But let's talk about it abit more first, the abilities proved effective yet, in some cases, ineffective and could've been put to better use. Though that's just my opinion. I love playing, still play it and aim to reach a high rank soon. 10/10.


Reach E310 Firefight Beachhead06

In Firefight, it's just you or, if you choose to go in with a group, your team left to fight the covenant. It's not perfect in my opinion and there are some things that could be improved. Weapons, more are needed. You're bound to run out of armor which should lead to your immediate demise. You can pick up the enemy weapons but let's face it, the grunt and other covenant weapons are just crap except the Needler.

Though, it's not all bad. It will actually allow you to plan properly before you get bombarded by Covenant which is bound to happen. In the end, you may not be able to take it. They end up becoming too overpowered and then, let's face it. You're screwed. Though, it is a good game mode. The way they've set it up is very well done. Not only the maps but spawning locations, if they take over, surround your base, then you can spawn somewhere and flank them.

Firefight Rating


I believe I have said all that needs to be said but I may have to summarize it. Could've been improved weapon-wise, gameplay is good though could be better and the maps are exquisite. Though the game types inside of it were not too bad, I rather enjoyed playing Gruntocalpyse. So, without further adieu my rating:


Though, it's only my personal opinion, I felt it was a necessary rating since Firefight was not as compelling as it could've been utilized more but no, the lack of credits you obtain is scarce and it's not worth the time you put in.

Forge Mode

Forge world

The forge is basically your own way of editing a Map. Forge World being my favorite map because, let's face it, it's plain and gives you the power to do anything if you learn quick enough. Though it was hard to gain control of at first, I eventually got used to it and I must say, it was a great experience creating a map of my own. Though it may seem empty at first it's a good map to test your driving abilities. Just spawn yourself a warthog, mongoose or anything in particular and start driving around. Even building kickass ramps to drive down and crash to the ground. Just for fun.

The editing is a great addition to the game and easy to maintain. It gives you plenty of options from adding weapons, armor abilities and even scenery such as; rocks, hilltops and even trees. It's a great experience and enjoy playing it.

Forge Mode Rating

In and out, pretty basic stuff which makes it easier to utilize. Inviting a friend to my map, him telling me it sucks but that's only because I beat him by 25 kills. Forge is a great mode if you're the creative or "inventive" type of person allowing you to use your imagination and see what you come up with. 10/10


Overall, a compelling game and worth the money that you pay for it. Let's see the final results.

Overall ResultsGameplay: 9.5/10

Graphics: 10/10

Story: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Total: 36.5/40

Game Type ResultsCampaign: 9.5/10

Multiplayer: 10/10

Firefight: 8/10

Forge Mode: 10/10

Theater (not reviewed): 8/10

Total: 45.5/50

Well there you have it folks, stay tuned or.. reading later for a review sooner or later about the newly released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Last Minute Notes

You may have noticed some parts "shorter" than the others, well, I mainly play Campaign and Multiplayer so I do not actually know as much as I should when it comes to playing Firefight or Forge World. Teller Words, On my Screen :O 12:53, December 31, 2011 (UTC)