We all love him - Master Chief. The central figure of the original halo series who we haven't been able to control since Halo 3s release in 2007. Since then, there has been 2 new games (ODST and Reach) and the anticipation to grab the battle rifle and have Cortanas voice echo in your head during the upcoming game Halo 4 has been overwhelming

Since 2001, players have heard Chiefs voice and never seen his face, even though been oh-so-close as the camera pans out or zooms away just as he takes off his helmet. This has led to many people hacking the camera system in the game and adjusting the camera only to see Chief take off his helmet and reveal another helmet underneath.

It's given the effect that each player has their own image of the hero underneath. Now with 343i holding the steers, will they reveal the skin beneath the helmet?

I personally hope not.

343i has prided themselves with the fact that they are listening to the fan base more than ever. And I'm guessing majority of the fans has been asking show the face of the hero.

But I think the tease is a part of the fun. We now have a character that people have had their own image of for the past eleven years. If they reveal Chiefs face, it will be the image of one or a few artists that they have in their heads for the last eleven years, and will surely disappoint.

Keep the character we all know and love with the image of our own hero underneath the helmet.

How would you react if 343i lifted off the helmet of Master Chief?