Halo multiplayer has been in its own league since the Combat Evolved days in 2001. Iconic maps, classic weapons and vehicles, and addictive game types that kept players hooked for hours before a leveling system even came into play. Through each game, improvements have been made to make the game even more enjoyable for players, and getting more of a "community feel" out of each match.

Customization has slowly developed through each game.

  • With Combat Evolved it was a simple matter of changing the colour of your Spartan.
  • In Halo 2, player symbols were introduced as well as the option to play as an Elite.
  • In Halo 3, simple armor adjustments through a slim choice of cosmetic choices gave the player the freedom to make their Spartan that little bit more personalized.
  • And in Halo Reach they went all out. Bringing hundreds of combinations of armor types to truly make your Spartan different from the one standing next you. Down to the knee pads and accessories.

Leveling has also evolved through the years.

  • Halo 3 focused on skill and winning matched to get EXP to level your Spartan.
  • In Halo Reach, they introduced the cR system that awarded for every kill and medal, as well as play time, unlocking more armour pieces as you advance through the ranks, and the higher your rank just showed how much time you spent playing the game.

But as you notice, customization hasn't gone past the cosmetic stage and levellimg up didn't unlock any bonus' apart from new armor pieces for your Spartan

In Halo 4, we are seeing armor and weapons skins, fully customizable Loadouts, and a leveling system that unlocks weapons. The levellimg system has also had an overhaul. Now players start from SR-1 and go through to SR-50, then giving the player to choose a specialization and start from SR-1 again.

It's a brand new game completely, and I'm personally so keen for it.

But what're your views on the new levellimg system? Do you think it's getting a bit too similar to how Call of Duty levels and rewards their players?

  • Face paint - armour skins
  • Weapon camo - weapon skins
  • Prostiging - choosing a specialization
  • Unlocking weapons as you move up through the levels

Leave me a comment and share your thoughts!