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    BBs Citadel

    March 7, 2014 by TheMuffinMan347



    THE ACADEMY -go to graduation

    FIRING RANGE -boom! weapon upgrade!

    THE COURTYARD -operator mingles

    STARWALK™ -the cheap skates actually made you pay for this

    LONELY SOCCER COURT -for when you have no friends

    AI CORE -he definitely appreciates the visit

    CITADEL MAINTENANCE LADDER -just need something to get around there...

    THE SPAWNING ROCK -so much spawning to be had

    DONOR BRAIN REPLICA -oops! reboot!

    SUPPLY PAD -where the goodies come in, stay John Marsden

    HAMMER HILL -oneV1bitch?

    SOLAR PANEL -keeps him feeling dandy

    Great Halo 4 forge map to do by yourself or with friends, add my gamertag if you want to play or download it from my file share named "BB's…

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    Halo multiplayer has been in its own league since the Combat Evolved days in 2001. Iconic maps, classic weapons and vehicles, and addictive game types that kept players hooked for hours before a leveling system even came into play. Through each game, improvements have been made to make the game even more enjoyable for players, and getting more of a "community feel" out of each match.

    Customization has slowly developed through each game.

    • With Combat Evolved it was a simple matter of changing the colour of your Spartan.
    • In Halo 2, player symbols were introduced as well as the option to play as an Elite.
    • In Halo 3, simple armor adjustments through a slim choice of cosmetic choices gave the player the freedom to make their Spartan that little bit…
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    We all love him - Master Chief. The central figure of the original halo series who we haven't been able to control since Halo 3s release in 2007. Since then, there has been 2 new games (ODST and Reach) and the anticipation to grab the battle rifle and have Cortanas voice echo in your head during the upcoming game Halo 4 has been overwhelming

    Since 2001, players have heard Chiefs voice and never seen his face, even though been oh-so-close as the camera pans out or zooms away just as he takes off his helmet. This has led to many people hacking the camera system in the game and adjusting the camera only to see Chief take off his helmet and reveal another helmet underneath.

    It's given the effect that each player has their own image of the hero …

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  • TheMuffinMan347

    Today I finally finished Karen Traviss' latest contribution to the Halo universe - The Thursday War. And well, honestly... I have mixed feelings about it.

    This book is a sequel to Traviss' "Glasslands" and the second installment to the Kilo-Five trilogy, no BSing around and gets straight into it where Glasslands ends off, but still subtly and slowly linking the two books together for readers who may not have read the previous title.

    This is not an action packed book, and is more set around politics than probably any previous Halo book or game in the series. Its the two-faced side of the 92 year old Admiral trying to make it look like shes on the Arbitors side while he faces civil war on his home planet of Sanghelios, but secretly supllying h…

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