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Halo 5 Trailer

Hey all that read my blog.

I recently watched the Halo (5?) trailer. It seemed really detailed and very interesting. I thought the Master Chief walking through a desert with tattered robes on his armour looked awesome. 

I also found it interesting to see that the Master Chief's visor had cracked. This has me intrugued and worried, as it could be a sign of the Master Chief's armour either being heavily damaged, disfunctional or a sign of he himself having fought so hard that he has injured himself in some way. 

Also, that Pheonix looking Forerunner structure at the end of the clip kinda looked like, to me, a sort of Forerunner War Sphinx?

If you guys/girls have anything to say about the trailer, please post a comment below to voice your opinion.

- Hacking 

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