We're just a few weeks away from the release of Halo 5: Guardians. The exciting new game in the Halo series, follows the stories of Jameson Locke of Fireteam Osiris and John-117 of Blue Team as the story continues from the finale of Halo 4. Players will experience new Spartan Abilities, along with new multiplayer features such as Warzone.

We want to ask users, what do they wish to see most in Halo 5? What gameplay features, story details, online features, or secrets would you like to experience in the new game?. Share with us your Wishlist for the game. Post your personal wishlist in the comments and share with the world what you hope to experience in Halo 5!

Here's some from my personal list:

  • Introduce new Skulls modifiers in Campaign missions. There was nothing more fun that exploring every little nook in levels to try to find where they are hidden. I'd love to see more non-gameplay/difficulty affecting skulls, such as the IWHBYD Skull.
  • I'm hoping for the return on some of the classic armor sets, most notably the Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor and Katana.
  • I'd really enjoy for 343i to pull in some great community-created Forge maps into Multiplayer Matchmaking. I love seeing what other users create and having new, original maps cycle in every few months is a great way to keep the game fresh.