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  • TenHalo

    Welcome to Reach!

    March 27, 2011 by TenHalo

    General James Peterson looked at the display before him, which revealed the two dozen sectors of the planet Reach that were under attack. The Covenant - they had just come out of nowhere, from inside that damned Corvette of theirs, millions of them had just fallen out of the skies and started to pillage the surface of Reach, killing hundreds, if not already thousands of soldiers and civilians. Peterson looked over at the position of a full company of ODST's, who were defending a critical UNSC relay station. He looked at the casualty marker, and it indicated that so far only six troopers had died in battle, but it was still another number of human lives lost. Peterson looked over at one of his officers, a young ONI lieutenant, and called hi…

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  • TenHalo

    First In (part II)

    March 15, 2011 by TenHalo

    The sergeant, who's identification badge read: Sanchez, rolled forward and got back up to his knees behind a another wrecked Warthog, followed by a pair of privates. All three of them ducked, pressed themselves against the Warthog, and then threw frag grenades over their heads. Their were three dull thumps, and a bird like chatter as Jackals were thrown to the ground by the shock wave from the grenades. Sanchez rose up, and began firing with his DMR. “Hell, if any one should get a medal for this fight, then I say it would be that whacky Spartan kid, look at this damned destruction.” Both of the Marines peered over the Warthog, and saw the sight of several fallen Covenant warriors, shattered barriers and downed turrets. Sanchez could stil…
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