Halo 5 suggestions-about this blog

To everyone who reads this, this is a blog post for everyone to put down suggestions for halo 5. as long as its sensible you can put it down. by the way this probably wont be read by 343 but if you want to put a suggestion down then go ahead but i dont want any arguements over suggestions + nobody is right or wrong. and do not spam my page with complaints PLEASE.make sure you sign your suggestions.

my suggestions

1. no flood

2. return of firefight

3. more armour abilities

4.water vehicles

5. longer campaign

6. forge and theater mode to stay

7. if anything like spartan ops returns, make sure its in the game(not dlc) and the episode/level are unlocked after completion of the mission before

8. a return of the halo reach ranking system and armour customisation (also from halo reach)

9. bigger forge worlds

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