Hello fellow Halo Nation!

I am writting this blog in spite of recent changes to the wiki. As any of you may have noticed I have been doing a fair amount of edits recently, some of you may be wondering why, though I can imagine the vast majority thinking "There's a Wiki?!", but, I digress.

After confering with a few Admins, we came to realise that Halo Nation has been misusing the word "vehicle", and members have been categorising transports such as the Pelican as vehicles, when in fact, this is incorrect. By definition, a vehicle is a transport which travels on land, either via wheels, treads or other means; any transports which travel through an atmosphere, through/on water, or through space are called craft.

I have made this blog to kindly ask and remind people, when editing a transport page from now on, to categorise transport that travel on land as Vehicles and to categorise transports that travel on water, through air, or space as Crafts.

Craft which travel through space are called spacecraft. Craft which travel through air are called aircraft. Craft which travel through/on water are called [[watercraft].

Thank you, USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-Small 19:57, June 11, 2012 (UTC)