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Use of bots

Hey there Halo Nationers,

Some of you may already know that I have recently been promoted to administrator of this site (yay!), and with this new responsibility I am now allowed to utilise bots on Halo Nation. Bots are semi automated programs which can carry out a variety of tasks much quicker than the average human. For a bot to be used it must have a bot flag from Wikia staff; which, essentially, is why I am writing this blog.

I would like the approval of the community to give my bot Meanders Ahead a bot flag. I have been using this bot on Halo Answers and I am now familiar with it's software (AutoWikiBrowser). I will be using my bot to help aid the clean up of our category system, which is already being undertaken by the Re-Categorisation Team. This will allow for the job to be done at a higher pace, and prevent the unsightly overflow of the RecentChangespage.

If anyone has any objections to the request, please feel free to comment here!

Regards, T3CHNOCIDE.

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