Hello Nationers!

This is just a quick blog to display a theory I have conducted in the last few hours since the release of the Halo 4 achievements on Halo Waypoint[1]. As many of you know, in Halo for an unknown foe, presumably Forerunner, has reared it's ugly face in the trailers and sneak peeks. Many have speculated this foe to be the Didact, due to the similarity in symbols.

I have personally disagreed with this hypothesis, despite evidence seemingly confirming it, because I'm stubborn (boo!). However, after the announcement of the Halo 4 achievements, I believe I have the name of the foe, and a relative idea of how/what he is, and thus helping to disprove that the foe is the Didact once and for all (yay!).

Let's first start with why I doubt it is the Didact: The Didact, whilst displaying a short temper, has not shown any particular aggression against Humans (Granted, in Halo: Cryptum the Didact admitted to having some resent from the Human-Forerunner war, but he still admired the Humans as a race!), so this apparent hostility to Humans seems both unprovoked and out of the Didacts nature. For people who have yet to read Halo: Cryptum look away now!

From what we have gathered in Halo: Cryptum, the Didact is actually Bornstellar who is taking on both the appearance and mental state of the old Didact; whilst he may be pushing towards the Didacts moral thinking, I find it hard to believe that Bornstellars adoration for the Humans would be diminished. So again, his hostility to Humans seems very out of character. Especially after leaving the Forerunner legacy in their hands!

Another issue with the Didact theory is that whilst the symbols are similar, they are not the same. Here are the differences in the new symbol and the Didact's symbol:

  • The symbol as a whole is inverted.
  • The two spokes either side of the central hexagon extend into the surrounding circle, whilst the Didact's do not.
  • The central hexagon is solidly filled, whilst the Didact's has an empty space in the shape of another hexagon in the center.
  • The symbol is red, whilst the Didact's is blue.
  • The horizontal bar is closer to the central hexagon than in the Didact's symbol.
  • The central hexagon appears thinner and longer than the more symmetrically shapped central hexagon in the Didact's symbol.

These changes may of course just be aesthetic changes brought on by 343i, one of many shown between Halo 3 and Halo 4 (The Forward unto Dawn being a key example).

So, if the foe is not the Didact, then who is it? Well, that still remains a mystery, however I have an idea. I believe the new foe is a Promethean, much like the Didact, this is shown by the fact the foe has a Cryptum. A ritualistic burial crypt reserves only for high ranked Warrior servants (Prometheans). This may not come as a surprise to people as the Didact was a Promethean himself. I also believe the Promethean goes by the name of "The Composer". This name may seem like it has been picked out of thin air, however I promise you there is logical reasoning!

In the newly announced Halo 4 achievements there is an achievement named "Composer"[2] which is awarded for completing the seventh mission in the Halo 4 campaign. Whilst I have no evidence that this name is related to the foe, I believe that it matches normal Promethean nomenclature; The Didact, The Conformer, and The Composer, the name fits perfectly for those who know the Forerunner Prometheans well enough. Again, I have no evidence, however I believe the Composer may have fought in the Human-Forerunner war and had entered his Cryptum after expressing disagreement with the Didact after the Didact has decided to place his faith in humanity.

So, have I persuaded you? Is my theory more plausible? Please comment below, I'd love to here your opinions!

Regards, T3CHNOCIDE ~ Halo Nation Admin.


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