Hey there Halo Nationals,

The administration would formally like to extend an invitation to our community members to be part of a fantastic new user group termed "Patrollers". The Patroller user group has been create in order to aid promoting better contributions to the wiki and to combat vandalism, users who feel that they are familiar with the wiki and understand what a good and helpful edit is should consider reading further.

The Patrollers group is able to mark articles which have recently been edited as patrolled and therefore increase the efficiency of checking article edits. New changes will be marked with a red exclamation mark (!) on the Recent Changes page allowing Patrollers and Admins to track new contributions. These edits can then be checked by clicking the "diff" option found on the right of the articles title: (diff|hist) - and marked as patrolled should the edits be of sufficient quality by clicking the "marked as patrolled" option on the right hand column of the edit differences page. This will remove the ! symbol from the page and allow other SYSOPs and Patrollers to ignore it. More can be read about this on the Wikia Patrollers guide.

If you are interested in this position, and have at least 100 mainspace edits (this can be checked through Special:Editcount) the please leave a message on this blog with a short explanation of why you make a good Patroller. Our admins will then read through these messages and select the users we see most fit for the job.


The Admin Team