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Opening Halo Nation to the Public

T3CHNOCIDE December 26, 2012 User blog:T3CHNOCIDE

Hello fellow Halo Nationals,

This blog has been made to address the proposition of reopening the wiki to anonymous edits. Currently only members can edit the wiki, and because of this, we are limited to a very small editor group. I propose that we open the wiki to the public to edit, in order to increase traffic and reduce the work on our members.

This change will of course mean more trolls, however, to compensate this we will introduce more rollbackers and add a patroller group in order to combat the increased vandalism. I'll keep this blog short for now, and will expand upon it when more people add to it.

I want to know what you think, so if you support the change place {{support}} in a response to this blog, and if you oppose it, place {{oppose}} in a response to this blog and the reason why you oppose it.

Regards, The Admin Team

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