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Well I've created this blog on behalf of a group of Halo Nationers on the chat after having a discussion about the state of our category system (I know! We actually spoke about HALO!). Our category system has lacked any real direction for its use, and is now cluttered with duplicate categories, miss-categorised subcategories and articles, and multiple unused/necessary categories. It is because of this, a group of us have planned to reorganise the categories. This is going to be a BIG job, and might as well be considered a project. so why stop with the categories?


An idea has sprung up that will be a healthy improvement to the wiki, and will help to give users some direction on what to edit, instead of scouring the wiki for grammatical mistakes for your daily edit. If we started off a program of projects, each with a couple of team leaders and a team, and each project dedicated to a specific task, we can keep the wiki in shape with ease.

What we are suggesting is that a category be made entitled 'Projects'. If an individual can see an issue on the wiki, which is too of a task for a single member to handle, the individual can request to start a project from an administrator. If accepted, the individual can create a project home page which would contain:

  • Project aim
  • Project deadline
  • Instructions to carry out the project
  • Team members

The specialised team could then carry out the project and help to improve the wiki by eliminating the problem!


So how would a member get into such teams?

Well preferably only trusted and experienced members would be allowed to join the project, to help prevent vandalism, and to ensure the members know what they are doing. For this reason it is suggested that only members with 50 mainspace edits should be allowed to participate in the project.

How would a member join the project?

Each project would have a certain number of team leaders, depending on the size of the task. Individuals could leave an application on a team leaders talk page, and if the team leader deems that the individual is qualified enough for the job then the individual will be added to the team roster and may take part in the project.


Another addition to the new system would be bringing back the old Usergroups. I wasn't around at their removal, so I've been given a rough idea as to how they work, and I think they can be used for this new system.

Each project will have its own usergroup to identify which user is on what project. When the project is complete, it will be archived, and the usergroup disbanded. The usergroups also contain a ranking system which can be used to keep of active project members, and help rank individuals on their contribution to the project. Users can then user their ranks from previous projects to help prove their prowess when applying for a new project.


Well, all you edit thirsty members! These projects would give you good direction on where to edit, and give you the permissions to make lots of edits without fear of being accused of point-whoring.

As for the wiki itself, large wiki issues such as the cluttered navigation we have now will be fixed, and help to build the recently tarnished reputation, and will likely attract new members we will all come to love.

The best bit about the project system is that it is completely user run, meaning that Admins will have to only oversee the projects from time to time, whilst getting the benefit of huge clean ups. An issue that has been addressed, yet suggested the Admins themselves take care of..


This idea originated from the growing issue of categories. Users seem to believe that each article requires a minimum of 10 categories each, and this has lead for some articles to be placed in articles that they are not required in. A group of us believe that the wiki could benefit from a reorganisation of the category system. If the project system is accepted our first project will be this.

Our team currently consists of:

Our aim is too have a series of main-categories which will act as disambiguation pages for sub-categories, thus creating a branched effect in the system. An example being:

UNSC Pillar of Autumn > UNSC Spacecraft > Spacecraft > Craft > Technology

This will allow users to trace the page back to it's main category and branch outwards interconnecting pages and allowing similar navigation of the wiki by similar pages.

More on this project will be explained should the motion be passed!


This blog is a rough overview of the idea, but would really have to be explained in person to put the entire view across. There's just too much information, and I'm just too lazy to transfer it on to the blog. So feel free to swing by the chat and query us on the idea!


Express your support, or opposition for the idea by voting in the comments box. I will then transfer your votes onto this list too show how it currently stands.

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