Hey Halo Nationers,

I would like to bring to our communities attention members of our bureaucratic panel who have become in active. When a bureaucrat is promoted the the position it is usually considered permanent unless a situation arises where the community is no longer in need of the individual of being in that position.

These two members have been key factors to Halo Nations creation, and should have every members respect for helping to build such a wonderful wiki, with such a wonderful community. Both members are bureaucrats on our wiki, but have become inactive since the divide between Halo Nation and Halopedia, who were once run by the same administration board. Whilst I regret having to write such a blog and having to tarnish the names of such important members in our history, I believe that a removal of rights are in order.

Devout Atheist has not made an edit since 2011, and Dragonclaws since 2010 (save several userpage edits). I believe that the bureaucrats should be removed from their position to prevent over crowding of our administration board, and to leave space for potential future bureaucrats. Should the users return and wish to take part in our wiki again, it is always possible to promote the users back into the administration panel. However, I believe the users have moved on, and their priorities lie elsewhere.

I therefore propose a vote. I would like to hear the communities opinion on the matter. Should we keep the members as they are, or should we resign them from their posts?



Update: Spartacus0898 pointed out that *Devout_Atheist had actually resigned, but forgot to remove his rights.