All is lost, the final sanctuary has fallen, succumbed to the virulent infection known to all as the flood. As the hive rapidly develops, enveloping articles one by one, the low murmurs of a proto-gravemind can be heard from the depths!

Halloween is fast approaching, and Halo Nation isn't one to shy away from festive spirits! However, during the preliminary planning of this years Halloween festive enjoyments a slight mishap in preparation occurred ... a batch of pumpkins, intended for Halo themed Jack-o'-lantern carving, were accidentally ordered from a seller based in High Charity.

Needless to say, the pumpkins were not of the best quality, and they seems to have odd bulbous pods growing on their skin, so it probably wasn't the best plan to carry on carving them despite their odd appearance and smell ... This fatal error has led to multiple Flood infested Jack-o'-lanterns to be dispersed throughout the Wiki.

We need the help of the community to comb through the pages and help find these infected Jack-o'-lanterns and removed them from the wiki before the Flood spread out of control! When you find a Jack-o'-lantern, simply edit the page and remove the infested pumpkin then report back to this page to say what page you found it on and that you removed it!


All users who help to clear the infested pumpkin will receive a badge showing that they took part in this years Halloween event! Good luck, and happy Haloween!

  1. Halo 4 - Found by CrispyChicken17
  2. John-117 - Found by HPZ - O.N.E.‎
  3. Promethean Crawler - Found by Commander Church
  4. Type-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle - Found by Sgt D Grif
  5. Sarah Palmer - Found by JAlbor
  6. Requiem - Found by DBD Abyss
  7. Neil Davidge - Found by Ultra Force
  8. Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle - Found by Commander Church
  9. 343 Industries - Found by Лорд-Эдвард-Гром-брюки
  10. Halo: The Thursday War - Found by Commander Church
  11. Forerunner Saga - Found by Лорд-Эдвард-Гром-брюки
  12. Kig-Yar - Found by Draevan13
  13. Ragnarok - Found by Bravadostock
  14. Dawn - Found by Forerunner
  15. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Found by War Eagle 1
  16. Thomas Lasky - Found by War Eagle 1
  17. UNSC Infinity - Found by Haven923
  18. Forerunner - Found by HPZ - O.N.E.‎
  19. SPARTAN-IV program - Found by War Eagle 1
  20. the Ur-Didact - Found by HPZ - O.N.E.‎