Hello fellow nationers!

Despite being over two weeks late, this is the first Halo National of the Month voting session! For those who do not know what this is, please read our instruction page to familiarise yourself with the purpose and format of this prestigious award. The first month has been a hectic one due to a certain administrator not being present, thanks to connection issues, and also due to the constant revision of the nomination and voting rules. So, without further adieu, here are this months nominees!


Nomination: Sgt D Grif

Nomination Date: 09/03/12
Nominator Username: T3CHNOCIDE
Nomination Reason: This individual has worked tirelessly to help promote our wiki, and to ensure it's smooth dynamics. He is a key contributor to reorganisation of the category system, a key contributor in cleaning up Halo Answers, and has helped to prevent chat invasions, trolling, and misbehaviour.

Nomination: Evodvi

Nomination Date: 09/03/12
Nominator Username: Dr Frostbite228
Nomination Reason: This user, Evodvi, works hard to edit the pages of Halo Nation and has showed respect to users that deserve it. His edits have likely helped us here on Halo Nation.

Nomination: Vidmas7er

Nomination Date:9/06/2012
Nominator Username: Halo4master
Nomination Reason: Vid has shown very good care for Halo Nation, as he is always cleaning up articles and removing vandalism. This reward is the least that could be done for him.

Nomination: T3CHNOCIDE

Nomination Date: 09/03/12
Nominator Username: Gabriel Auditore
Nomination Reason: T3CH has done quite a lot for Halo Nation over the past month. He has helped out with Project Re-categorisation and making the new Era icons among countless other things. I truly believe he deserves this award.


All members can take part in the voting process, and it is extremely simple! Halo National of the Month voting works via positive voting ~ this means there are no neutral or against votes. They are all support! If you believe that one of the nominees is more worthy than the others then place a comment below with the following format:

{{Support}} - USERNAME - REASON

Replace USERNAME with the nominee's username, and replace REASON with a short reason for why you voted for the individual.

At the end of the month, the support votes will be tallied and the individual with the most votes will win the award. So, vote away!


Sgt D Grif - 2 votes. Evodvi - 1 votes. Vidmas7er - 0 votes. T3CHNOCIDE - 5 votes.