Hello fellow Nationers!

Halo Nation is often regarded as one of the best sources for Halo information. We have a plethora of dedicated editors who bring only the most reliable information to this Wiki. However, I'm confident that we are more than "one of the best", and that we are in fact "the best". I personally believe that we are the go to website for Halo information, and for an enjoyable Halo community.

However, not everyone agrees with me of course, and we are often contending with Halopedia, another Halo encyclopaedia. But how do you believe we measure up? Do you think we are better, or do you think we need improvements - and if so, what do we need to do to assure our spot as the best Halo information website?

Leave your thoughts and opinions on how we measure up, and any improvements here. Also tell us how you found Halo Nation, and what made you stay with us. If you wish to show your complete appreciation you can also vote on an external poll at Halo Waypoint

Thanks guys, USER T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-SmallUSER T3CHNOCIDE-Contact 13:04, August 1, 2012 (UTC)