Hey again everyone!

This is a message about the wiki's chatroom (for those who have yet to visit it, please pop in and see by clicking this: Chat)!

Chat Rank Icons

As many of you may know, the chat runs on a hierarchy of rights, from users (normal users with few chat options) to staff (wikia staff members with the ability to demote, kick, ban, etc.). Currently the following groups are recognised in the chat room:

  1. Users - Normal users
  2. Chat Moderators - Users granted the right to kick or ban misbehaving users.
  3. SYSOP's - Users granted the right to kick or ban users who misbehave, and the ability to promote/demote users to/from chat moderator.
  4. Bureaucrats - Users capable of performing all the above tasks, with the added bonus of promoting/demoting users to/from SYSOP.
  5. Staff - Deities of the wiki world.

Chat Moderators, SYSOP's, Bureaucrats, and Staff are differentiated from normal users by a small icon beside their names in the user bar (on the right hand side of the chat). This icon just so happens to be the SPARTAN insignia (you may have seen this in your Halo: Reach limited edition copy as a small badge).

To further differentiate between the hierarchy it was proposed in the chat to add further icons to tell who are chat moderators and who are administrators, in order for newer users to seek help from the correct users without the hassle of asking who is who. To add a Halo feel to the chat, the following was proposed:

  1. Users - Marines - No icon.
  2. Chat Moderators - ODSTs - Helljumper icon.
  3. Administrators - SPARTANs - SPARTAN icon (current icon).
  4. Staff - Revert back to Wikia Staff icon (W).

Chat Name

A couple of months prior, Forerunner updated the welcome message to "Welcome to the chatter net". This change was met with dislike by some members, mostly due to a dislike to change. I propose that we introduce a similar change once again to further add to this Halo atmosphere of the chat, and for user enjoyment. Who doesn't want to place themselves into the Halo universe without having to don their 1 ton suits?!

Whilst the "Chatter Net" is a perfectly canon piece of material, it was believed that the idea of the chat being called "FLEETCOM" was more suiting the the situation. The chat would then be referred to as FLEETCOM, and you would be welcomed into the chat as such.


The implementation of these updates would be solely up to the community, we would never want to impose something the community does not enjoy! So please, should your support, or disagreement, to the ideas and possibly add any further ones!


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