With the recent release of Halo 4 and the upcoming release of Halo 2 Anniversary, there has been a massive influx in edits and image uploads. As Halo Nation is hosted by Wikia, it's easy to think that because the site is able to hold a massive amount of images it's not a problem to use it as an image hosting site; however, this is not the case. Our site is reaching 40,000 images a huge number!

This makes it difficult for admins to keep track of what images are and are not on the site. Because of this, I have decided to make an easy to use walkthrough on when it is ok to upload images to the site, so help prevent users getting warnings for vandalism when no ill will was intended.

When to Upload

Before you actually upload an image, you need to question whether it's actually necessary to upload the image! Images should only be uploaded to Halo Nation when they are going to be used on one of the following spaces:

  1. Articles
  2. Userpage
  3. Talkpage
  4. Blogs
  5. Templates
  6. MediaWiki Pages
  7. Categories (On rare occasions)

If the image is not going to be used on one of the above spaces, then please use an independent image hosting site, an example being tinypic.

Image Quality

All images should be of the highest quality possible - users should avoid images which are pixelated, contain watermarks, or are under 300px. Image renders are preferable over non-rendered images when the image is of an object or character. Here is an example of Sarah Palmer from Halo 4 and which images are and are not acceptable qualities for upload:

Image Acceptable Reason
USER Sarah Palmer - Render + HQ Yes The image is high quality and rendered - most preferable version of image
USER Sarah Palmer - Background + HQ Yes The image is high quality, however still contains a background.
USER Sarah Palmer - Background + Pixelated No Image is of low quality as it is pixelated.
User Sarah Palmer - Background + Small No Image is too small.
USER Sarah Palmer - Background + Logo No - unless express permission is given by administration. Image contains watermark in corner.

Duplicate Images

When uploading an image, you should make sure you are not uploading a duplicate image. If the image already exists but is of a lower quality, then use the "Upload a new version of this file" feature found under an image's "File History" section on its file page. This will improve the image that is currently being used on the wiki.

There should be no excuse for not adhering to this request as the Wiki automatically warns individuals of when they are uploading a duplicate image, and therefore users are not left unaware of their actions. Duplicate images, regardless of quality, are at risk of being deleted by an admin.

Image Names

If you have decided that the image necessary for upload, and that the image is not a duplicate, then you will need to appropriately name the image - it goes without saying that image names should not be rude or vulgar, any images which are named as such will be deleted and the uploader warned.

Image names should be as descriptive and short as possible. An example of this can be seen in this image that was uploaded by Obliterador of a ghost as it appears in Halo: Combat Evolved:

Ghost HCE

The file was named "Ghost_HCE.png", describing that the image is of a Ghost from Halo: Combat Evolved. As the image is a render it could be made more descriptive by naming the file "Ghost_HCE_Render.png" - however this is not a necessity. File names such as "ghirhheoi.png" or "Obliterador_390.png" are not acceptable, and are at risk of deletion.

If a file is not going to be used on an article or template, and is planned for use on a personal userspace, then the image must be uploaded with the following prefix: "USER_". An example of this can be seen with my Halo: Reach player model which I am using on my profile page:


The image was previously named "T3CHNOCIDE-Image.png" but has not been renamed to "USER_T3CHNOCIDE-Image.png". This allows for user images to be tracked by administrator bots, helping to prevent accidental deletion when any image maintenance is performed.

Not Following Guidelines

These guidelines will be officially grafted in to our image policies, so they are to be utilised from now on. Images which do not follow these guidelines are at risk of being deleted and the uploader warned. Multiple offences can lead to an exclusion for the wiki.

The criteria for upload may seem small, however they will help to ensure that Halo Nation achieves the best results, so please follow the guidelines as best as you can; and remember, when in doubt ask an Admin!


The Admin Team