Tomorrow will mark the third month since my last blog and activity on the Wiki; this inactivity has not been welcomed by myself, as I have been forced to prioritise my University work, not that many of the wikia had noticed. However, I am on break, and therefore have time to devote my attention to the wikia, and hopefully rekindle my passion for all that is Halo. Judging for the success from my last blog about Halo: Primordium, I can see that Halo novels are a popular trivia among our wikias, something which enlightens me, as I had always held that most Halo fans did not stretch their knowledge beyond that of the game, and the odd random page they read here and there; a hypothesis I should have realised was incorrect after having to order a brand new Halo: Glasslands to my local bookshop after the novel was sold out completely across the country [UK].

My latter post discussed the contradictions of the plot in the novel Halo: Primordium, however in this post I wish to address the upcoming and long anticipated Halo: 4, and what it means to the sequel of Karren Travis' Halo: Glassland, Halo: The Thursday War. For those who have not read the novel and still wish too, please avert your eyes now, or if you have not read the novel and want to have a quick rundown on the plot, follow the link to the wikia page HERE.

In the book we were left with the cliché cliffhanger as a means to make sure we read the sequel novel, something that has made me spend a considerable amount of time pondering what would happen in the next book. With the release of Halo: The Thursday War on 2nd October 2012, and the concurrent release of Halo: 4 sometime in November (I assume), I've wondered whether the novel might give enthusiastic readers hints as to the content and story line behind Halo: 4, or if it might ruin the experience of Halo: 4 by giving the plot away? I know that personally, if I buy the book, I couldn't simply leave the novel alone until the release of Halo: 4, so is it worth buying upon release?

Another mister mina is the loss of Catherine Halsey to the Spartan IV and UNSC Infinity program within the Sol oort cloud, will she play a role in Halo: 4? Or will she be ignored throughout the trilogy? What of the UNSC Infinity and its crew of Spartan IVs? Will they play a vital role in the Halo: 4 storyline? Personally, I would hope so; I would love to see how the Spartan VI program holds up in comparison to the Spartan II and III programs. The Spartan IV program uses genetically inferior subjects of a considerably increased age of augmentation; will this affect their combat abilities, making the Spartan IV's no more than cannon fodder Marines, packed within expensive MJOLNIR armour?

I guess only time can tell how the story will unfold. I hold 343i in high regards and I hope they can live up to expectations, and wow the public just as much as the release of Halo: CEA last year. Any comments or speculations are welcome, and thank you for reading.

T3CHNOCIDE 12:45, April 4, 2012 (UTC)