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Halo: Spartan Assault Now Available for Xbox One

T3CHNOCIDE December 23, 2013 User blog:T3CHNOCIDE
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Halo: Spartan Assault, which was originally released for Windows 8 devices, has officially been released on the Xbox One and will be available for Xbox 360 in January 2014. The game costs £11.99 or $15.99, except for players who owned a Windows 8 version before 15th December where it is available for a discounted price. The console edition includes a free Operation Hydra DLC which adds five new missions and a short co-op survival mode, similar to firefight, featuring the Flood. Along with the new DLC and survival mode, the console edition ships with five survival achievements worth 150GS for Xbox 360 users and 300GS for Xbox One users, with two Xbox One exclusive achievements worth 200GS!

Co-Op Achievements
Image Name Description
Flooded Flooded Complete all co-op missions
Overachiever Overachiever Earn all co-op medals at least once
Dynamicduo Dynamic Duo Earn all Gold stars in all co-op missions
HSA extermination Extermination Kill 10,000 enemies in co-op
File:Tbd.png The Company of Strangers Complete a co-op mission with at least 5 different players
Xbox One Achievements
Image Name Description
File:Tbd.png The Enemy of my Friend Get a higher individual score than your partner on all co-op missions
Immune Immune Finish a co-op mission without becoming infected

Those who have yet to play Spartan Assault or have already enjoyed it on their phones, tablets, and laptops previous should put this on your Christmas download list immediately!


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