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T3CHNOCIDE October 21, 2012 User blog:T3CHNOCIDE

Now that I've lured you in with my title; I am in need of some community help! So, are you a vivid fan of Halo: Reach Multiplayer? Yes? Perfect!

I am compiling a list of all the Gametypes found on Halo: Reach Multiplayer for each playlist. All I require is that when people play online they make a mental note of the gametypes they have played on then post it here with which map and which playlist.

For example; Living Dead - Alpha Zombies - Boardwalk

Just put the playlist, then the gametype, then the map, separated by a few hyphens. It's pretty simple but very important, any help will be appreciated!


File:T3CHNOCIDE-Signature-Small.pngFile:Contact.png 20:50, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

Current lists

  • Team Snipers
    • Snipers
    • Snipers Pro
  • Team Slayer
    • Slayer
    • Slayer Pro
    • Slayer DMRs
    • Elite Slayer
  • Living Dead
    • Infection
    • Alpha Zombies
    • Zombie Ghosts
    • Safe Haven
  • SWAT
    • SWAT
    • SWAT Magnums
    • SWAT 3 Plots
    • SWAT Stockpile
    • SWAT Potato
  • Arena
    • TU Arena Slayer
    • TU Slayer DMRs
    • TU 2v2 Slayer
    • TU 2v2 King
  • Invasion
    • Invasion
    • Invasion Slayer
    • S. Skirmish
    • Inv Skirmish
  • Big Team Battle
    • BTB Heavies
    • TU BTB Slayer
    • TU 2 Flag CTF
    • TU 1 Flag CTF
    • TU Neutral Bomb
    • TU 1 Bomb
    • TU Assualt
  • Multi Team
    • R. Hog Race
  • Super Slayer
    • TU Slayer
    • TU Slayer DMRs
    • TU Slayer Pro
  • Team Objective
    • TU (Team) Oddball
    • TU 3 Plot
    • TU 2 Flag Pro
    • TU 1 Flag CTF
    • TU Hot Potato
    • TU Stockpile
    • TU Crazy King
    • TU Neutral Bomb (Assault)
    • TU 2Flag Clsc.
    • TU 2FLag Slayer
  • Rumble Pit
    • TU Slayer
    • TU Slayer Pro
    • TU Slayer DMRS
  • Double Team
    • TU 2v2 King
    • TU 2v2 Slayer
    • TU 2v2 Oddball
    • TU Slayer DMRS
  • Multi Team
    • TU Headhunter
    • TU Crazy king
    • TU Slayer
    • TU 3 Ball
    • TU Elite Slayer
    • TU R. Hog Race

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