I thought I would test out the Blog system by blogging my efforts on reading Halo: Primordium.

I am currently three quarters of the way through the book, and the storyline is finally begining to open up; new and fresh information on the Forerunners, the Human-Forerunner War, the Flood, and 05-032 Mendicant Bias is finally unravelling. This is making the story more enjoyable as, I will admit, the first half of the book was repeatative and did not draw me into the Halo aspect of the book; it felt more or less like I was following the story ofa cave man, and his family, through new unchartered, but repeatativly similar lands, rather than the story of a Human who is engaging in the final moments of the Forerunner history.

Although the storyline at this point is gripping, and feeds my hunger for more knowledge on the Forerunner story, I fear that the new information in this book is begining to conflict with previous storylines. For example, in Halo Primordium, 05-032 Mendicant Bias was told to interrogate The Primordium, as the Master Builder did not trust the Lifeworkers currently under his command. The Master Builder apparently did not know of the correlation between The Primordium and The Flood. Whilst, in Halo 3, the terminals explained that Mendicant Bias was told to engage with the Gravemind, not The Primordium, to exploit weaknesses in The Flood. How can Mendicant Bias be told to look for weaknesses in The Flood, when neither he nor the Master Builder had any knowledge that The Primordium was the source of the Flood?

Perhaps I am being too hasty, and should wait for the end of the book? Maybe the storyline will unfold further and finally answer how the above is possible, along with other conflicting storylines? Perhaps. I can only wait and see ...