Hey there fellow Halo Nationals!

It's time to vote and celebrate this month's Halo National of the Month! I've been negligent of this feature as I've been busy busy with Halo 4, and the redesigning of our main page (which is still in complete!). Because of this, there was no nomination period (boo!).

I have taken the liberty of highlighting several members of this community who have helped to improve our wiki, contain our madness, and maintain this great community of ours! Each of these individuals are worthy worth of the title of Halo Nation of the Month, however it is up to you as the community to choose who you believe deserves it that little bit more, and be crowned with this prestigious award!


Username: Karl-591
Reason: Karl is now a long term admin, serving from early January up to the present day. He has amassed almost 6,500 edits and is currently ranked #2 on our wiki's point system. He clearly contributes a lot to the content of the wiki and helps to control random outbreaks of vandalism before more people even know it's happened! He also spends a considerable amount of time looking after the chat and making sure it is a welcome place for everyone.

Username: Ultra Force
Reason: Ultra Force is a resident Bureaucrat of the wiki and has a massive total of 7,500 edits! He has been with us from before the divide from Halopedia, and has loyally served the community ever since. Ultra Force works hard to help maintain a comfortable atmosphere for our community and oversees all changes on the wiki making sure that they all conform to our wiki's high expectations.

Username: Vidmas7er
Reason: Vidmas7er is a long serving chat moderator and has spent countless hours serving the community by maintaining the calm atmosphere of the chat. He punishes those who do not conform to our chat's normal standards, whilst still maintaining an approachable and enjoyable individual. He is a loyal user who is friends with many in our community.

Username: Forerunner
Reason: Forerunner is a Bureaucrat of Halo Nation and spends a lot of his time installing helpful javascript codes or running ForeBot to help clean and tidy the wiki. Forerunner has ushered in multiple changes which have helped to make Halo Nation an easier place to utilise, including category clean ups and the installation of everyday features such as autosign (Helping to identify new members un-signed posts since 2011).


Who do you think deserves this month's HNOTM award?

The poll was created at 11:51 on November 23, 2012, and so far 20 people voted.