It's finally Halloween! After this weeks earlier escapade, we admins vowed to never let such a silly mistake breach our defences again! So from now on, we buy from reliable sellers only when shopping online. This tactic has helped us a lot. Well, for the most part at least ...

Throughout the day we have received visitor after festive visitor, as Trick or Treaters have piled at our door demanding candy, soft drinks, and on the odd occasion our money. It appears the Flood have once again fooled us! A group of Flood Carrier Forms, disguised as elaborate and incredibly scary ghosts, waddled past us admins as we fortified candy, soft drinks, and our money, to our annual spooky visitors.

From the excellent job you lot managed to do in the previous eradication of this infestation, we have once again decided to hire your help. We need every marine to chip in and help find these fiendish critters, and we are willing to make it worth your while!

Search through the articles of this wiki, and try to find the Flood forms hiding in the corners, removing them when you do! When you have removed them from our wiki, report which page you found them on here, but you will have to make sure that you have removed the infestation from the page first, as this will be used to decide who found what first!

The marine who finds and removes the most Flood Carrier Forms will win 400 Microsoft Points, which can be spent on the Xbox Marketplace! Glood luck soldiers, make us admins proud!

This drawing has been made, based upon frightened witness descriptions:


The contest is now closed, and I am pleased to announce that Bravadostock is the winner with a total of 10 finds! Thank you to all who took part, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!