Halo Nation Demographic Survey Results

Hello fellow Halo Nationals, many of you will still remember that over a month ago I advertised a Halo Nation survey aimed at gathering informatics on reader experience whilst using our wiki, with the primary goal of using this information to direct Halo Nation on a path that encompasses all of our reader's preferences. The survey questions visited many area's including who is using the wiki, what proportion of users are editing, and what our readers thought of the theme and how the theme correlated to the reading experience. Needless to say, this survey has been a massive success! With over 250 results, our admins have managed to get an in depth study of what this wiki's users want to see in the future, and has helped us to develop our thought processes into making this happen. Due to an unexpected amount of work which required my attention in the real world, I was not able to publish any results half a month ago as planned. However now that I have the time, I've made this blog to share the demographic results we have got from the survey and what we've done with this information to shape future projects.

Age Groups
Gender Groups
Wiki Use
Demographic Chart - Age
Demographic Chart - Gender
Demographic Chart - Usage
14-17 years old
18-21 years old
22-30 years old
over 31 years old
under 13 years old
Other/No Answer
Reader and Editor
Editor Only
From the user demographic and activity results we can see that the vast majority of users sit within the age bracket of 14-21 years old and account for up to 75% of our regular users. The next largest age bracket being users 22 years and older accounting for a remaining 17% of our users. A massive 94% of these users are male, with the remaining 6% being comprised of 2% female and 4% other or no answer. 71% of our users are readers who don't or rarely contribute to articles, with the remaining 29% of our users being editors and readers who contribute to articles regularly.
Demographic Chart - Visits
44% of our readers visit Halo Nation on a daily occasion either once a day or multiple times a day, whilst another 40% of our readers visit the wiki either once a week or sporadically throughout the week. The remaining 16% of users visit the wiki on a monthly occasion or are new to the wiki.

From the survey results we have seen that our readers regularly visit and read most article areas of the wiki, but have a tendency to focus on articles about multiplayer, campaign, and gameplay information - including walkthroughs, weapons, mapes, etc.

Style of Writing
Wiki Layout
Wiki Colour Scheme
Demographic Chart - Writing
Demographic Chart - Layout
Demographic Chart - Colour
Low standard/Childish
Easy to understand
Too complicated
Easy to read and navigate
Easy to navigate but hard to read
Easy to read but hard to navigate
Hard to read and navigate
Appealing and easy to read
Appealing but hard to read
Ugly but easy to read
Ugly and hard to read

According to the survey results, 90% of users find the style of writing easy to understand however the remaining 10% found the language either too complicated or of a low standard. A lower 80% of users find the wiki layout easy to navigate and easy to read, whilst the remaining 19% found difficultly in navigating, difficulty in reading, or both. 82% of readers found the new colour scheme both visually appealing and easy to read with, whilst the remaining 18% found that the colour scheme was either visually unappealing, difficult to read with, or both.


Overall, the results of the survey has been highly informative. Now that we know that the vast majority of our readers fall into the age range of 14-21, with an average of 20% of those users finding issues with the writing style of the wiki, we can systematically tackle the issue and help improve the quality of writing. The results have also enlightened our administration of exactly what proportion of the wiki's users are readers only, and will now allow us to cater to readers better in the future. We received over 200 suggestions in the improvements section of the survey, too many to give an in detail over view in the conclusion section of the blog. Instead, I have highlighted the most frequently mentioned issues found by readers and what we are doing to help our reader's viewing experience:

  • Search bar issues; Users want a more accurate search engine that is easier to navigate the wiki with - As this module is in the control of Wikia themselves, I will highlight the issue at the next council meeting to prompt improvements on the search bar.
  • Better navigation options on the portal page - We will review our article statistics and add better options on the main page including Halo races and maps.
  • iPad and Apple support - The release of Game Guides and MyWikia apps on the Apple store and Google Play store have satisfied these requirements. To read more about this, please read the staff blogs: Game Guides 2.0 and Introducing My Wikia for iPad.
  • Article writing quality - We accept that a lot of our articles have been neglected, however with the dawn of the summer vacation we will be rolling out a series of wiki projects to systematically visit and repair the areas our articles lack in.

Let me assure all our readers and editors, we have read through all of our responses and taken them all into consideration. I would also like to thank all of those who took part in the survey, all your work has helped to improve this amazing wiki!