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  • Swordhilt

    Forerunner Manipulation?

    December 18, 2012 by Swordhilt

    As many of you know, the Librarian revealed to John-117 that he is the result of Forerunner manipulation over time. Does anyone else think that the manipulation might have a more prominent role, or may affect more than just Chief and the age of reclamation? Discuss.

    Personally, I think that the Forerunners may be using both sides of the war through technology and advancements. 

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  • Swordhilt

    An old enemy?

    December 6, 2012 by Swordhilt

    This blog post is speculation about future Halo games and the story. However, please try to be somewhat serious about your contributions.

    Since Master Chief was originally created, along with the other SPARTAN-!! soldiers, to put down Human rebellions, does anyone else think that in future Halo games or media Chief might end up fighting them again? After all, Chief has to take orders from the UNSC, and could never hope to disobey orders like he did on requiem. 

    If Chief is to fight insurrectionists again, does anyone else think that the loss of Cortana and the start of Chief regaining his more human side will affect his actions and choices? 

    Also, please discuss what might happen to the Covenant or the Prometheans and their future interaction…

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