Well, this morning I was thinking,it would be great if I could use these two magnums agaisnt that brute... Well then, I decided to ask some people what they think of it. Back in Halo: Combat Evolved, you didn't have dual-wielding, but in Halo 2 Bungie added that great ability to kill your enemies faster and in a normal, realistic way. In Halo 3, Bungie also added dual-wielding, though the players didn't use it much due to the use of the Battle rifle and other weapons.

In Halo: Reach, however, the ability was removed from the game. Most of the players are wating to see if Halo 4 will have the dual-wielding ability for a more focused, faster, easier, heroic-like, powerfull way of killing the future enemies the game will provide. PS: Some players in Halo 2 found it better to dual-wield two SMGs for more firepower than some other weapons, while others just found it better to stick with the Battle Rifle, who just didn't get along with using two weapons on each hand.

So, what you people think of putting that ability to use two weapons on each hand in Halo 4? Will it be better? Will it bring death to the enemies? Post your comments to see!