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    Well, this morning I was thinking,it would be great if I could use these two magnums agaisnt that brute... Well then, I decided to ask some people what they think of it. Back in Halo: Combat Evolved, you didn't have dual-wielding, but in Halo 2 Bungie added that great ability to kill your enemies faster and in a normal, realistic way. In Halo 3, Bungie also added dual-wielding, though the players didn't use it much due to the use of the Battle rifle and other weapons.

    In Halo: Reach, however, the ability was removed from the game. Most of the players are wating to see if Halo 4 will have the dual-wielding ability for a more focused, faster, easier, heroic-like, powerfull way of killing the future enemies the game will provide. PS: Some playe…

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