This is a follow up to my previous blog. 

UNSC vs Rebel Alliance Pt 2- Ground War weapon analysis (UNSC)

NOTE- Hero and Hero teams will be fighting

The UNSC have an array of weapons and vehicles, but I will not be using most of the Halo Wars ones.

The UNSC's most common weapons are the M6D Magnum (CE incarnation) and the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System (aka the Assault Rifle's Halo Reach incarnation) and these will be the standard issue for the standard Marines in the simulation.

The MA37 ICWS is a fully automatic assault rifle with a fire rate of 600 RPM that fires a M118 7.62x51 mm Full-Metal Jacket Armor Piercing rounds from a 32-round clip. It takes 19 rounds to kill a fully-shielded SPARTAN-III, making it an extremely powerful weapon (the Rebels don't have power armor or energy shielding.)

The M6D Personal Defense Weapon System is a semi-automatic scoped sidearm with a fire rate of roughly 210 RPM that fires a 12.7x40mm M225 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive round from a 12-round magazine. It has a large range and is immensely accurate, while maintaining its massive power, able to break a SPARTAN-II's MJONIR MK. IV power armor's shielding in 3 shots, and finish it with a round to the head.

Other weapons include the M90 Close Assault Weapon System which fires Soellkraft 8-Gauge Shells which contain a lethal, short-range 15 pellet spread capable of killing a fully-shielded SPARTAN-II at point-blank to very short range, the Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Material, which is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle which fires massive 14.5x114 mm rounds at 75 RPM from a 4-round clip which can "take the hat off an Elite at 2,000 yards" according to SPARTAN-III Jun-A266, the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, a select fire scope weapon that fires the same rounds as the MA37 ICWS, from a 15-round clip at 150 RPM (semi-auto).

The UNSC's heaviest weapons are the M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle, which fires an extremely powerful laser capable of penetrating Hunters which wear the same armor material that is used to make Covenant ship hulls, from a 5-round battery, the M41 SSR, which is a Rocket launcher which fires anti-vehicle rockets from a 2-round magazine at 1 RPS, and the ARC-920, which is similar to a handheld MAC gun. 

Now on to the vehicles.

The UNSC's lightest land vehicle is the M274 ULATV, also known as the Mongoose, it is extremely light,and subsequently fast and manueverable. But it also makes it extremely prone to roll overs and have no protection (with the exception of the windshield) to the driver. A second person can ride on the back and provide mobile fire-power (such as rounds from the aforementioned heavy weapons) as well as protection for the driver (a rear meat-shield).

The most common land vehicle is the M12 Force Application Vehicle, aka the Warthog. It has many uses and is almost as fast a the Mongoose, making it good for recon, troop transport, and by replacing the standard heavy MG on the back with a Rocket Turret or a Gauss Cannon (a heavy railgun turret), it can become anti-vehicle or anti-air. 

One of the heaviest land based vehicles is the M808 Main Battle Tank, which is a 66-ton tank, with massive anti-infantry, anti-vehicle, anti-air and even anti-armor or anti-building. However it is slow and has a weakpoint on the back. 

The heaviest land based vehicle is the M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platform (aka the "Mammoth) is a mobile command and control unit or foward operating base. It can be used to transport Warthogs and Mongooses (Mongeese?) along with infantry units. The Mammoth's primary weapon is a MAC cannon, capable of destroying a Forerunner Particle Cannon. Other weapons include any onboard weapons carried by its onboard infantry, dual M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System on the front left and right sides.

Now on to air support.

The GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor is used for both ground and air battles. It can be used to "paint" large targets for a MAC gun to take out, such as a Covenant Corvette-class Cruiser. Its primary arament consists of  110mm Rotary cannons, and 120mm Ventral guns, but it can even heft a Shiva-class Nuclear Missile.

A ship better suited for in atmosphere combat is the B-65 Suborbital Long-Range Bomber, better known as the Shortsword. It is used for in-atmosphere short-range bombing, in spite of its name. It is used for carpet bombing runs, using GBU-1105 Cryo Bombs and XGBU-302 Disruption Bombs.

Now for the Rebels.

Since many different Rebels use many different weapons, I will be using the variants in the Star Wars Battlefront games. These are the DH-17 blaster rifle and the DL-44 blaster pistol.

The DH-17 is a fully-automatic blaster rifle with a 2x zoom scope, with a special function making it capable of charging it shots to increase its damage. It has a relatively high rate of fire, with a 50-round clip.

The DL-44 is a heavy blaster pistol with a 2x zoom scope. The gun itself is highly modifiable and extremely accurate while still maintaining its high power. It has a 75-meter range, a 50-round capacity, and, like the DH-17, the ability to charge its shots.

Other weapons include high-powered 5-round clip sniper blaster rifles, powerful but short range disintegrators, chargable bowcasters, and grenade launchers.

Rebel Vehicles now. 

Taun Taun- Not really good..... It just stands around waiting to get shot.

Rebels use various vehicles....... Oh, here's one-

Rebel Alliance Tank (Battlefront)- Weak lasers, missiles, go random places, etc.