Halo Nation


UNSC vs Rebel Alliance

Who would win: The United Nations Space Command or the Rebel Alliance?

NOTE: One hero and one hero team will be allowed for each side

As the title of this suggests, this is to determine who would win, the UNSC (Halo) or the Rebel Alliance (Star Wars). This is a one-on-one, no allies, so no Covie Separatists for the UNSC.

PART 1- Space Battle- Place- Orbit of Earth, near Cairo, etc.

Subsection 1- Carriers and Orbital defense vs Rebel fleet

Let's start with the UNSC's orbital defenses. Each Orbital Defense platform has only one weapon, but it is a EXTREMELY powerful: The Super MAC. According to Sergeant Major Johnson, it can put a round straight through a Covenant Capitol ship, which have better defenses than even the superior-to-the-rebel-scum Imperial ships, so a few rounds from the orbital defense grid plus the regular MAC rounds from the common Paris-class heavy frigate would destroy most of the rebel fleet with only a few losses. 

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