If you haven't seen the video going around lately, there's been a pretty intricate discovery of an Easter Egg on the new Mythic Map Assembly. I, Sundmann, was able to notice something the distance while I was searching for this egg after listening to the podcast of Dorje Bellbrook issuing a challenge to find it. After giving up on the items within the level, I focused my attention to the skybox surrounding it all. Now being one of the most, and probably best, detailed skybox ever, I was unsure where to start. But after a couple of minutes, I noticed a few blinking lights out of the corner of my eye which were not always the same. They varied in being red and blue and green. I said to myself 'now wouldn't that be funny if that were morse code...' Well, doesn't that code for a P? With pen and paper in hand, I being to write out the code from the beginning green dot, thinking that was a start. "TSANKSFONWLTING' Definitely not. But a few things appeared out of the normal from that. Second draft: THANKSFORWLAYING. Huh, a little better, and finally: THANKSFORPLAYING, Thanks for Playing!. My body rushed with adrenaline as Bungie planned for as I realized I found an Easter Egg. I quickly checked all spots of the internet to see if the egg was old...No! I got my camera, seeing as I didn't have a capture card in hope of Bungie's new DL method, and began creating a video. In the end, amazingly, the video took longer to make than finding the egg did! It was all worth it though, the morse code, the looking-it was the fun of it. Some people may say that this would be a total waste of time and is totally irrelevant from the game, but Bungie specifically put these eggs in the game for players to hunt for, ergo the term 'easter egg.' It's all part of the fun. And in the end, it's just a game, too, nothing more or less.

Well, here's the video: Hope you enjoy. The 10k view mark was just reached today, 1 week after. Make sure to take a look at the Bungie topic here:

Thanks all for reading, Sundmann

TLDR: Easter Egg was morse code in the skybox that read "Thanks for Playing"